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OSx86 Installation Part 1

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I finally got around to finding the correct ISO of OSx86 to download for my motherboard. If you don't know of what OSx86 please continue reading, if you do skip the next section.

OSx86 is a community driven project to get Apple's OS X operating system to work on regular PCs. The project really got going when Apple itself starting building their Macs based on the same Intel Core2Duo processors that is already in most mainstream computers. The reason for this type of project is to get around Apple's protection that only let's you install it on their own computers.

The community has developed many different variations of "Hackinstosh" to cater to different needs and hardware. After searching through the forums I decided to go with iPC Universal Final 10.5.6 release, it seems to be the one that is already tailored to my computer hardware well, which is a Gigabyte motherboard with a Core2Duo processor and will give me the least headaches in getting everything working. Now hackinstosh and these ISOs aren't exactly legal, so in order to cover myself I did purchase the retail disc for OS X, even though I won't be using the actual disc itself, I do not want to get in trouble for running a pirated system.

Plus today in a few hours Apple will be revealing features for it's new operating system for the iPhone, version 3.0 and with that will come a new SDK. So maybe waiting til now to get started was a good move.