My name is Stephen and currently an IT Professional doing administration and support, however I've always had a deep passion for software development. I've started mobile application development when I got my first Android phone in October 09. This blog catalogues all my progress with creating mobile apps for not only Android, but eventually iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. Hope you enjoy.


Reasons for Android Switch


As per my previous post, I have switched my time from learning to develop for iPhone to Android. Here is a rundown as to why I made that change.

--I can install (and already have) install the android SDK on any OS, so no longer do I have to only develop on my dual booted home PC w/ OSx86, I can now develop on my Ubuntu desktop and Windows 7 laptop.
--As popular as the iPhone appears, it is still only limited to AT&T customers. Android phones are already out on T-Mobile. Sprint and Verizon are coming before this year is over and AT&T will jump on soon as well. Why develop for a phone on 1 major carrier vs many phones on all the major ones? Why develop for a OS that's only on 1 phone vs 1 on many?

Personal Device
--The plan was to not only develop for iPhone, but also to purchase one. Honestly after deeply looking into one (w/ an expensive AT&T plan) it was not what I wanted. Which led me to look at other phones and led me to the HTC Hero and Android. Obviously the iPhone is king and I plan on developing for it eventually, but not owning one as my main device, so I'll wait till I make some money developing Android to jump onto iPhone.

Open Source
--After diving into the Linux world over 3 years ago, I've grown to love open-source. So after I heard Android was no longer just Google, that it was lead by the Open Handset Alliance, I felt it was more my kind of OS compared to Apple's.

AppStore vs Android Market
--Simple enough, why try to compete with the 60,000 apps of the iPhone when I can get in on the Android Market right before it (hopefully) gets big?

That's pretty much it I think.

Sidenote: If anyone knows a screen capturing software that works either in 64 bit Ubuntu or 32 bit Windows 7? I would like to take videos of my programs running in the Android emulator.

Here's what you see when you run Android code, it loads up a full phone and then once it's at the home screen it'll install and execute your code:


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You probably thought I quit this blog, but I didn't! I'm here, but I did quit the iPhone! The plan was to learn how to develop for it by the time I was due for a new phone via my contract I would buy one. Well let's just say after weeks of researching phones on a consumer and developer level, I decided to stay away from the iPhone. I have my reasons, mostly because too many people have them. But that's what got me into iPhone development in the first place, it was hugely popular. For personal reasons I also want to use Google Voice and with that comes this announcement:

I've already created a SDK setup using the LATEST SDK on both my Linux desktop and Windows 7 laptop, have created Hello, World and even a short "To-Do List" application, and I plan to purchase the HTC Hero in the upcoming weeks.

Expect another post detailing more of why and how I decided to go with Android.

So maybe down the line I'll get back into iPhone development, but for now I'm devoting my time to Android.

Sidenote: please bare with me while I fix the blog's template.