My name is Stephen and currently an IT Professional doing administration and support, however I've always had a deep passion for software development. I've started mobile application development when I got my first Android phone in October 09. This blog catalogues all my progress with creating mobile apps for not only Android, but eventually iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. Hope you enjoy.


Windows 7 Phone


I wanted to write a post about the new phone OS Microsoft is bringing to play. Windows 7 Phone, but honestly haven't done much research on it yet.

What I do know, and intrigues me a lot is that with it's SDK a developer can develop an application that can run on the phone, a windows PC and a Xbox 360...that is one cool feature that the other companies don't have the base to implement. Mac has computers but no console, Google just has it's web browser [and future netbook OS]

With a release of this system [and new phones] planned for this holiday season, it give's me plenty of time to learn it's SDK, which I plan to install once I get my new Lenovo S10 or MSI Wind and dual boot Windows 7 and OSX and the laptop will pretty much be my coding machine, I know the Atom processor does have enough horsepower to properly code for Android and iPhone, I hope Windows 7 Phone is no different.

I'm unsure of the registration fees at this time [Apple is $100, Google is $25] but the SDK is a free download as it is with the others. This is one exciting platform to get into, Mobile Development. Besides those big 3 you still have Blackberry, Nokia S60 and Palm's WebOS to consider.

Android Developer Registration


First step in developing for mobile devices is not to learn to code for them...it's to register as a developer to submit your yet to be coded goodies!

I got a free $25 AMEX card as a gift for volunteering somewhere and because I hate holding onto those things [you have to know exactly what is on there to get its value] and Android registration being...$25...I just used the card to register. The registration name: XStreAM Mobile Applications.

XStreAM is a nickname of mine and has been for a while, as you tell by this sites url, I also used to DJ and my name was DJ X StreAM, check out my DJ site, the link is to the right. I haven't updated in who knows, but the downloads are still valid.

I'm back and this time I mean it.

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Hi again everyone, this orginally started as a side project/hobby and I was dedicated at first...but then it fell off. Well now I decided to get back into it full steam ahead. I do technical support at my current job, and I recently became pretty much the Blackberry guy. Anyone with any problems, new setup, anything come to me. So to keep my resume updated I added the word "Blackberry" and as well as "Android" due to my experience [little as it may be] with coding and an user. I started getting hit constantly by recruiters looking for Blackberry, Android and iPhone developers. Just cause that one word made their search hit my resume, even though I'm not qualified [yet] I plan to change that now.

A combination between that, my office possibly moving and making it a 20 minute longer commute for me and desktop support becoming a thing of the past [ala these mobile devices, cloud computing, virtualization] made me realize I got to make a move.

So no more is this a side project I do on my spare time [which has LACKED], this is now a whole movement to advance my career and become what I went to college for, a Software Developer.

First step, take a course to learn the real basics behind mobile coding. CHECK, my college is offering a 8 session night class starting in May doing just that for the iPhone.

Next step, develop a portfolio, program anything and everything, whether for myself or someone else, just get the experience. [One of my first projects will be a checkers game, Android marketplace lacks anything proper regarding that]

Third step, port. Whether it's android or iPhone, whichever my first real successful application is on, I will port it to the all 3 systems. Blackberry, iPhone, Android. WebOS and Nokia's are at like step 17.

That's it for now, regardless of my progress I will be posting. I promise you that. PS check out my lame attempt at a banner for this site.