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Acey Deucey, Android is nearly ready

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As promised here is the progress report, screen shots and some code insight on my first project, Acey Deucey.


The code for the project is actually not a lot of Android specific functions. Besides the XML layout files and the android methods to utilize items in those layouts, the code is simply just a lot of math. Equations using card values, bet values to find the difference between the cards, if the bet can be raised, what the payout odds should be.

Which actually should lead to easy porting, which I hope to do once it survives the criticism of android users everywhere and help me build my multi-mobile device portfolio.

To do list before putting it on the market:
1) Test w/ different screen sizes. I can do this with the SDK emulator.
2) Get the local scoreboard working, an online on is being researched to see if its possible (and free)
3) Change the XML layout code from AbsoluteLayout to LinearLayout. The book I was reading from was based on 1.5 and used AbsoluteLayout, this new book I'm currently using to guide me stated that AbsolutelLayout was deprecated and is not recommended which actually should help with step 1 because AbsoluteLayout used specific pixels as measurement for how big or the location of an object [like a card] which resulted in great results for one device, but not for another.
4) Draw an icon.
5) Type a great post on this site and link it as the apps' homepage within the market details.