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Creating a High Score Board [Part 2]

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So in spending a few more days researching all sorts of ways to do a high score board and getting no where. I've decided to turn my time to testing out these High Score Services, like ScoreLoop or OpenFeint. The first thing I did was read up on their articles on techcrunch then some first hand research, downloaded 2 games that use these systems.

I downloaded a Tic Tac Toe game that uses OpenFeint, and on start up it immediately prompted me to sign up for OpenFeint, there was a button on the side saying "don't use" but actually if I had just downloaded a Tic Tac Toe game and was prompted with this w/o knowing what it was, there's a good chance I would of moved on to another Tic Tac Toe game. Not to mention it took a LONG loading time using my network connection to get to that screen, it must of been caching something.

Then I downloaded a game called 4 corners that used Scoreloop. It was extremely seamless integration. The game loaded up with a normal menu and let you immediately play, a quick pop up showed up saying you weren't setup for High Score submissions, but I was playing. And most gamers know you dont get your high scores on the first try. So I liked that it let you play without even noticing the game uses Scoreloop. Then when the game ended you were able to configure your Scoreloop profile if you choose, or you could be player_#####.

So I wasn't ruling out OpenFeint, but with my quick testing, I decided to go with Scoreloop.

Downloaded the SDK, integrated very well, already got a high score board up and running with my highest score so far. I dont know if i consider this a feature or a limitation at this point, but the Scoreloop scoreboard will only show 1 score submission from a device.

For example, if you played the game 2 times and got the highest score out of everyone, 500, then you also got 475. And someone else was also playing and submitted a few scores like 400, 325. Finally a 3rd person submits scores like 450, 425.

You would think the scoreboard would look like this:
1)500 by A
2)475 by A
3)450 by C
4)425 by C
5)400 by B
6)325 by B

But with those exact scores in a Scoreloop scoreboard is
1) 500 by A
2) 450 by C
3) 400 by B

As I said I'm undecided this moment if that should be considered a feature or a limitation...yes no one person can own the top of the board but at the same time no one can prove consistency. Thoughts?

PS: Already got an idea of my second card game to implement.