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Acey Deucey for Android

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Acey Deucey is a 3 card poker game, where only values matter, suits are irrelevant. Acey Deucey can be played in a variety of ways. This game uses the rules of the casino variant of Acey Deucey known as Red Dog. Acey Deucey is a 3 card game, the player is dealt 2 cards face up and wins if the 3rd card's value falls between the first two cards.

Acey Deucey can be found in the Android marketplace as a free download, below is a QR code you can use to scan and download automatically.

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Android System Requirements
Acey Deucey was developed with a minimum of firmware version 1.5 required. Once prompted to install Acey Deucey will note what system functions it uses.

Full Internet Access : To submit high scores and interact with Scoreloop, possibly Ads in the future
SD Card modify : For saved preferences and soon to be saved games
Phone State : Obviously so you still get your calls/text while playing without losing your game

There are three main differences between standard Acey Deucey and the casino version known as Red Dog. This game is based on the latter.

Being as Red Dog is a casino game, as in all casino games, the player must bet before seeing cards, then after seeing the cards are given an option to raise. // Acey Deucey let's players see the cards first, and then bet and can even bet $0 to pass their turn.

Red Dog all Aces are high, there is no changing that. // In Acey Deucey if your first card dealt is an Ace, you can pick high [QKA] or low [A23]. If the second card is an Ace, regardless of what the first card is, is always high.

The main difference between the games lies in the money factor. In Red Dog you can bet anywhere from $1 to however how much money you have. You get paid based on odds, you can win anywhere from 11:1 odds on your bet to even money. The most you can lose in a Red Dog hand is what you bet. // Acey Deucey is a game played in a group, where everyone ante's to create a pot. Every win is even money, you can only bet as high as what's in the pot, and that's all you can win. When the pot is empty, everyone re-antes. However their are certain circumstances where losing a bet in Acey Deucey requires you to double or even triple your bet before adding it to the pot.

Why the regular/standard version of Acey Deucey wasn't implemented
Most of the feedback I've gotten from players accustomed to Acey Deucey, as it's played in a group, is that they are used to seeing the cards dealt first then betting. I've tried numerous changes in the code to make this work, but I've always hit 2 major speed bumps but related to the third point mentioned above, the money factor. I can't implement a way for a player to lose triple or double their bet because it'll change the gameplay. If you were playing real Acey Deucey in a group and had $100 in your wallet, you wouldn't bet more then $33 to ensure you can always cover your loss. With the payment method Red Dog uses, you never have to worry about that. You have a $100, you can bet $100 and not need to worry about being unable to cover.

Another factor is the pot, I dont see a method to recreate making a group pot of ante's when there's only 1 player...if you do, please tell me.

Attempt to add a gameplay mode more similar to the standard Acey Deucey
In order to make a "quick fix" for the players who like to see the cards first, I originally thought if I simply just added the code to show the cards without changing the other methods, it could work. Then I was dealt a pair, and in Red Dog a pair pays 11:1 or is a push, meaning you can't lose money. So any smart player would bet it all then, they can't lose but could get 11x payout.

However in Acey Deucey, if two cards of the same value come up, the bettor picks if the next card will be higher or lower and bets. If the next card is the same as the last two, the bettor must triple his/her bet. Now there was no way to me to implement losing triple or double your bet, negative numbers just didn't work. Not in coding, not in gameplay, not in submitting a highscore.

So I made a compromise, a hybrid of the rules if you will, and made 2 changes from the standard casino variant.

Obviously making the 2 cards dealt before the bet was 1 change. The other was removing all pushes, they now result in a loss of the bet.

That solves the three of a kind dilemma i mentioned above, and instead of a player getting a push for an unwinnable hand they'll just need to remember to drop their bet down to zero.

This gameplay method is still being tested, and if it does make it to the release when a user selects New Game from the menu they will be prompted with 3 choices.
1) Casino Mode [Bet first]
2) Custom Mode [Cards dealt first]
3] Tutorial, Rules and Mode Differences

PS. I would not be against anyone donating artwork for the project, Icons, Backgrounds, Cards, you will be mentioned in the About section of the game to show thanks.

Acey Deucey nearly ready for release!

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It's almost here, the moment where I share my hard work with everyone. The only thing on my todo plate right now is create an icon [ I have an idea already ] and do the write ups for here and the market. Coding wise I think I'm good enough for a first release, not everything is working, but what isn't working is disabled and says "Coming Soon", the release will be given version 0.8 as looking back I've had 7 minor revisions in my original code.

0.1) Initial code, just had mathematics to calculate dealing/losing/winning
0.2) Getting card images to show instead of numbers
0.3) Adding status text on the gameplay screen
0.4) Changing the menu to create sub menus for options
0.5) Trying to implement an offline scoreboard, later removed for #8
0.6) Adding saved preferences
0.7) Changing some interface stuff, like images and colors
0.8) Implementing Scoreloop

Also I think I've come up with a way to implement the usual method of seeing the cards before betting used in standard Acey Deucey and applying it to the casino variant Red Dog that this game is based off of, implementing 2 methods of gameplay using the same code is just a lot of if/else statements so coding wise I know it can be done...gameplay wise I still need to test it out.