My name is Stephen and currently an IT Professional doing administration and support, however I've always had a deep passion for software development. I've started mobile application development when I got my first Android phone in October 09. This blog catalogues all my progress with creating mobile apps for not only Android, but eventually iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. Hope you enjoy.


High-Low-Red-Black for Android

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High-Low-Red-Black is a recreation of a popular playing card game. The objective is simple, a card is shown, the player will then choose if the next card is going to be Higher or Lower in value to the card shown or if it will be Red [Hearts/Diamonds] or Black [Clubs/Spades] Repeat.

Longest correct streaks get submitted to the online leaderboard

High-Low-Red-Black can be found in the Android marketplace as a free download, below is a QR code you can use to scan and download automatically.

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Cyrket Link

Android System Requirements
Acey Deucey was developed with a minimum of firmware version 1.5 required. Once prompted to install Acey Deucey will note what system functions it uses.

Full Internet Access : To submit high scores and interact with Scoreloop & Ads
SD Card modify : For saved preferences and soon to be saved games
Phone State : Obviously so you still get your calls/text while playing without losing your game

Scoreloop 2.0

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Just when I put the finishing touches on my next game, Scoreloop sends me an email that version 2.0 of their SDK is out with a slew of new features.

Well sorry Scoreloop I don't want to hold back my release any further, I'm releasing 1.0 of High Low Red Black w/ Scoreloop 1.1 included. Once I get time to implement and make the changes for 2.0, I'll gladly release an update.

The same goes for my first game, Acey Deucey, so in the next few weeks you can see from me:

1) High-Low-Red-Black v1.0 - Initial Release
2) Acey Deucey v1.0 - Update release to incorporate Scoreloop 2.0 & the option to see the cards first instead of betting gameplay.
3) High-Low-Red-Black v1.1 - Update release to incorporate Scoreloop 2.0 & any fixes needed after first release.

Stay tuned!

High-Low-Red-Black In Release Candidate Form

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My new game, High Low Red Black, is complete. Just finishing out a few fixes, cosmetic changes and creating the marketplace graphics and it'll be ready for everyone to enjoy by the end of the this weekend.

Here is a screenshot so you can know what to expect:


The game will feature the same High score services via Scoreloop and so far my top score is 10. While one of my testers got an 11. Wonder if those will stand.

New Android game coming soon, High Low Red Black

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First I want to thank everyone for enjoying Acey Deucey, over 750 downloads. Not bad for a card game that's sorta obscure. Well this one, even though it's still a card game, is a lot more fun to play! It's normally played as a drinking game, but I decided to port it over to Android.

Actually in researching about it, I found that there's 2 iPhone versions in their AppStore, but none on Android, so I may have a genuine winner here if this exact game can be successful while selling for a $1 on iPhone vs my Free version on Android...and this maybe the game I spend my time porting to the others, iPhone, BB and WindowsPhone7.

Back to the gameplay, the game is real simple. A card is dealt face up, the player must guess if the next card will be Higher or Lower in value [Aces high] OR if it'll be Red [Diamonds,Hearts] or Black [Spades,Clubs] suited. Once the player decides one of those four options, a card is dealt.

If the player choose correctly, they are granted a point, if not they lose all points. The process is repeated for the last dealt card until the player calls it quits.

The high score will be submitted based on the longest correct streak the player earned during the time played.

I actually really enjoyed programming this game, it didn't seem like a chore Acey Deucey was at some points. I enjoyed it so much that I honestly think I'll have it Market ready by the end of this weekend, then a few days of beta testing w/ my friend's devices, It'll be available for all within 7 days.

Acey Deucey Update

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Hope everyone is enjoying Acey Deucey. Well a small update is coming which fixes 2 features.

1) Save/Continue is working, in limited fashion, the savegame will save your scores and information about how many hands played, but it will not keep the same deck. When you resume the game you'll have the amount of money you left off with, but the deck [which consists of 8 actual 52 card decks] will be fully reshuffled. From a coding standpoint it just took too much resources and sloppy workaround code to get Android's own system of storage functions to recognize a custom array, which is what the deck is.

2) Offline High Score Submission is now working. With the current version, if you get a high score while in no coverage like a subway/airplane, or just have it on airplane mode so no one can bother you, and played a high score worthy game, the game will fail to upload and your score will be lost. Not anymore. Acey Deucey now stores one game's score for submission when service is regained. Right now I have it check for saved score before starting a new game, and if it finds one it'll prompt the player to submit now or later or clear the score without submitting. I'm open to any other suggestions to implement this. thanks.

3) Not a feature, bug fix or anything, but I decided to add an advertisement in the main menu via AdMob. Not even so much on the money aspect of it if people click, but AdMob gives fantastic reports of general usage of your app based on the AdMob calls. So for the purists out there who hate an app simply cause it has ads, I've seen the comments in other app's market listings brutal, I'll add an option in Settings to hide the ad and you'll be back to normal, deal?

Version 0.9 is expected by the end of the weekend.