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Acey Deucey Update

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Hope everyone is enjoying Acey Deucey. Well a small update is coming which fixes 2 features.

1) Save/Continue is working, in limited fashion, the savegame will save your scores and information about how many hands played, but it will not keep the same deck. When you resume the game you'll have the amount of money you left off with, but the deck [which consists of 8 actual 52 card decks] will be fully reshuffled. From a coding standpoint it just took too much resources and sloppy workaround code to get Android's own system of storage functions to recognize a custom array, which is what the deck is.

2) Offline High Score Submission is now working. With the current version, if you get a high score while in no coverage like a subway/airplane, or just have it on airplane mode so no one can bother you, and played a high score worthy game, the game will fail to upload and your score will be lost. Not anymore. Acey Deucey now stores one game's score for submission when service is regained. Right now I have it check for saved score before starting a new game, and if it finds one it'll prompt the player to submit now or later or clear the score without submitting. I'm open to any other suggestions to implement this. thanks.

3) Not a feature, bug fix or anything, but I decided to add an advertisement in the main menu via AdMob. Not even so much on the money aspect of it if people click, but AdMob gives fantastic reports of general usage of your app based on the AdMob calls. So for the purists out there who hate an app simply cause it has ads, I've seen the comments in other app's market listings brutal, I'll add an option in Settings to hide the ad and you'll be back to normal, deal?

Version 0.9 is expected by the end of the weekend.