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Scoreloop 2.0

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Just when I put the finishing touches on my next game, Scoreloop sends me an email that version 2.0 of their SDK is out with a slew of new features.

Well sorry Scoreloop I don't want to hold back my release any further, I'm releasing 1.0 of High Low Red Black w/ Scoreloop 1.1 included. Once I get time to implement and make the changes for 2.0, I'll gladly release an update.

The same goes for my first game, Acey Deucey, so in the next few weeks you can see from me:

1) High-Low-Red-Black v1.0 - Initial Release
2) Acey Deucey v1.0 - Update release to incorporate Scoreloop 2.0 & the option to see the cards first instead of betting gameplay.
3) High-Low-Red-Black v1.1 - Update release to incorporate Scoreloop 2.0 & any fixes needed after first release.

Stay tuned!