My name is Stephen and currently an IT Professional doing administration and support, however I've always had a deep passion for software development. I've started mobile application development when I got my first Android phone in October 09. This blog catalogues all my progress with creating mobile apps for not only Android, but eventually iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. Hope you enjoy.


Monopoly Trade Evaluator

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The other night playing Monopoly this idea came to me. What about an application that automatically adds up your property totals for trades and the infamous income tax spot....a few short weeks of prep work and coding I have a version good enough for a market release.

First off let me say Monopoly Trade Evaluator is a tool to help players trade properties in Monopoly. This is NOT the actual game you can play on your phone!

Monopoly a classic board game brought to us by the good people at Hasbro. Monopoly is copyright of Hasbro and this application was not developed, approved, licensed, affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro in any way. Please make a note of that.

Monopoly Trade Evaluator let's a player input both sides of the proposed trade within a game of Monopoly then a total value of both sides is displayed.

Right now the program calculates strictly by face value, as an avid Monopoly player myself, I'm well aware there are other factors that affect a deal between players. So players should not use this value as an end all, please use it as a guide.

Due to the nature of this application, it can also be used during Monopoly to get your total worth as well. Which can be useful for when landing on the income tax spot or for when you play a timed game and the winner is the "richest" person, this program does the addition automatically!

Next version will include:
1) Mortgaged property values, sometimes a player will sell/trade their mortgaged deed, this needs to be implemented.
2) Adding houses/hotels to trade values
3) Adding other factors into trade values, see "About" section within application to read more.

The network permission is for AdMob...I'm sorry, it's a necessary evil.

More info: Adnroid Market Link

High Low Red Black v2.5

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Took me a few days to update the site, but an update for High Low Red Black was put on the market during the week with a few additions on top of general code clean-up and SDK/Library updates.

Local Scoreboard in place now instead of the 1 saved game routine. Scores not submitted (due to lack of service/airplane mode/network issues) will now have their own place on the device and if the user chooses, can attempt to submit them at a later date...not the next time you start the app like it was.

Achievements, think like Xbox Achievements or PSN Trophies. Just little tasks within the game that if you accomplish them you get a bonus. Some basic examples include getting a 15 card streak correct, some others are a bit crafty like the one named after the game. In order to unlock that one the player will need to pick High, get it right, then Low, get it right, then Red and Black after and get all 4 choices correct.

and dedicated screen layouts for different sized devices. Am still attempting a tablet version, but the stimulator in the tablet puts the image upside down and I cant figure that out yet if its the SDK simulator or my code. I wish I could get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Hello World, Again.

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Hello everyone, as seen from the lack of activity on this blog and my projects on the market. I took a bit of a break from coding. But for the last week I dove right back in and a High-Low-Red-Black update is coming within the next few days, changes listed below. I also have a new idea for another project, that won't be a game but it will be based on playing cards. I need to think of some other ideas before I become a type-casted developer.

I actually did have a few random ideas, but as I thought of them and thought to myself "wow this is awesome"...they've already been done. I'll share a few below:

-Starcraft 2 build order bot, would be able to load up build orders and then go down a timer and tell you exactly what to build and do. Found 2 Android projects of the same thing, one actually fairly new when I thought of it and both are not fully polished, so I may go back to this.

-Baseball/softball scoring app - the most tedious thing to do for anyone who scores their baseball or softball team is transferring the stats to the computer so everyone can see their stats like average and RBI totals. Figured why not make it digital that can calculate everything real-time. Found 2 other apps that do exactly thing...one backed by ESPN. I will not be going back to this idea.

-Couch to 5K training helper. couch to 5k is a 9 week program for beginner runners. Example of what the mobile app would do, the first session is a 5 minute walk then run for 60 seconds, walk to 90 seconds, run 60 , walk 90, etc until you do 8 runs. I figured a beep system or a playlist that changes tracks when you should change...but theres TONs of apps for this and I even use one of the paid ones and it's great.

-Car Dock app. None of the available car dock home screens meet my exact wishes for layout or functionality. I may make my own for personal use or maybe to distribute as well.

But anyways back to what I've actually done, High Low Red Black updates include:
-SDK update, including Android and Scoreloop
-Scoreloop update brings a more streamlined system for submitting offline scores, including an offline leaderboard
-also added "Awards" (think Xbox Achievements or Playstation Trophies), 10 certain conditions that need to be met to get them added to your Scoreloop profile.
-And the part you don't care about, Admob update to include Google Adsense ads as well.

So ETA on the update is Thursday. In other news I am no longer using my HTC Hero, it actually was stolen in January. So after a few weeks of using a blackberry, dumb phones and even days without a phone hooked up to my number. I am now on a HTC Thunderbolt. Loving it.