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Monopoly Trade Evaluator

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The other night playing Monopoly this idea came to me. What about an application that automatically adds up your property totals for trades and the infamous income tax spot....a few short weeks of prep work and coding I have a version good enough for a market release.

First off let me say Monopoly Trade Evaluator is a tool to help players trade properties in Monopoly. This is NOT the actual game you can play on your phone!

Monopoly a classic board game brought to us by the good people at Hasbro. Monopoly is copyright of Hasbro and this application was not developed, approved, licensed, affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro in any way. Please make a note of that.

Monopoly Trade Evaluator let's a player input both sides of the proposed trade within a game of Monopoly then a total value of both sides is displayed.

Right now the program calculates strictly by face value, as an avid Monopoly player myself, I'm well aware there are other factors that affect a deal between players. So players should not use this value as an end all, please use it as a guide.

Due to the nature of this application, it can also be used during Monopoly to get your total worth as well. Which can be useful for when landing on the income tax spot or for when you play a timed game and the winner is the "richest" person, this program does the addition automatically!

Next version will include:
1) Mortgaged property values, sometimes a player will sell/trade their mortgaged deed, this needs to be implemented.
2) Adding houses/hotels to trade values
3) Adding other factors into trade values, see "About" section within application to read more.

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