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Monopoly Trade Evaluator Update

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Updated Monopoly Trade Evaluator, version 2.0, the main addition is that I added the In-App Billing code to allow users to remove the advertisements for 99cents.  This proved quite the challenge actually.  Google's licensing code for paid apps was so simple, I figured implementing the in-app store would be just as simple, boy was I wrong.

There are tons of posts of unanswered questions across the various forums I visit on how to get this working properly.  Some even suggest using PayPal's In-App payment method, which I looked at the code, is so freaking simple and I actually thought to myself I bet you more people have a paypal account with a checking account and credit card on file then a google checkout account with a credit card.

One thing I love that Apple did as a developer, is the same thing I hated as an end user.  It was that they make you put a credit card on file to get access to the app store, even if all you want are free apps.  So anyone on an iPhone at any time, has the capability to buy an app in just a few clicks.  Google, if it's your first app purchase, not so much.

But I digress, anyways I figured out a bit of a workaround for what I needed to do, it's not the cleanest or most efficent code, but it's the best I can do with the limited resources Google has put towards this feature and since I'm only doing 1 item that you can buy only 1 time, it worked.  It's not like a role playing game where you can just buy potions over and over again with real money.  sidenote, that's the example Google uses in their in-app purchasing demo.  Please email me if you have any issue with the in-app billing.

Be on the look out for Monopoly Trade Evaluator updates,I will include more player slots so that you can keep track of inventory and value for everyone throughout an entire game. Other planned improvements include the inclusion of "Get out of jail free" cards to a player's worth.  An option where instead of inputting your money total, you a prompted to just enter how many of each different bill you have.  Example: 1x$500, 2x$20, 4x$1.